Dr. Zakir Naik
A medical doctor by professional training, Dr Zakir Naik is renowned ...

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  Ahmed Deedat
Born in the Surat district of India in 1918, Ahmed Hoosen Deedat had no...

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Salem Al Aamry
Salem Al Aamry is based in UAE. A committed Da'ee, he also has two ...
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  Assim Al Hakeem
Experience & Achievements: June 14, 2008 till today: Sami Rock Co. – HR & PR Director ...
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Abdur Rahim Green
" Lanky, blonde, green-eyed, 33-years-old Abdur Rahim Green appears ...
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  Yusuf Estes
Sheikh Yusuf Estes is loved very much by young and old alike. Children ...
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Yassir Fazaga
Yassir Fazaga is an inspiring, multi-lingual speaker sought-after from USA through ...Read More >
  Fariq Naik
Fariq Naik is the son of an illustrious father and world renowned orator on ...
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Hussain Yee
Shaikh Hussain Yee is the President of Al Khadim Organization in Malaysia. ...
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  Yasir Qadhi
Yasir Qadhi is a lecturer and Islamic orator who has authored several books about slam. ...
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Ismail Musa Menk   Mohammed Al Shinawy
Tim Humble   Majed Mahmoud
Dr Tawfique Chowdhury   Bilal Philips
Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips was born in Jamaica, but grew up in Canada ...
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Jamal Badawi
Dr. Jamal Badawi is the director of the Islamic Information Foundation, ...
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  Yahya Ibrahim
Yahya Ibrahim was born in Waterloo, Canada. In his quest for authentic,
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Areeb Islam
From being allowed to choose his own religion from the age of 12 years,
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  Riaz Ansary
Riaz Ansary was born June 13, 1956 in Kabul, Afghanistan. His father ...
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Said Rageah
Sheikh Saeed Rageah was born in Somalia, raised in Saudi Arabia ...
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  Dr Laurence Brown
A product of Christian-American ancestry dating back to the year 1677, up until his conversion...
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Jaafar Idris
Dr. Jaafar Sheikh Idris was born on 15th June 1931 in Port Sudan, ...
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  Haitham Al Haddad
Haitham al-Haddad is a London-based Islamic Scholar and a prominent...
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Dr Zaghloul Najjar
Chairman, Committee on Scientific Notions in the Glorious Qur'an, ...
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  Mamdouh Mohamed
Dr. Mamdouh Mohamed has a Ph.D in Arabic studies and a vast ...
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Hussain Hamed Hassan
1965 - Al Azhar University - Cairo, Egypt
PhD in the Faculty of Sharia... Read More >
  Dr. Muhammad Salaah
Dr Ahmad ibn Saifuddin
Consultant for International Relations at the Global Program for Introducing ... Read More >
  A. Raheem McCarthy
Accepted Islam in 1994 and traveled to Sudan to study Islam. Relocated ...
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Yusuf Idrees
Yusuf Idris is a Graduate from Imam Muhammad University in Riyadh, ...
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  Bilal Ismail
Jimmy Jones
James (Jimmy) E. Jones is a tenured Associate Professor of World Religions ... Read More >
  Dr Jonarthan (Yahya) Cazalas
Abdul Bary Yahya
Abdul Bary Yahya was born in Vietnam during the Vietnam War, and very...
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  Suleman Salem
Dr Mohammed Saeed   Imam Qasim Ali Khan
Abu Shuhayb   Ammar Amonette
Ammar Amonette is a Muslim theologian and a graduate of the Imam Institute of Makkah. ...
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  Dr Ibrahim Surty

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Abu Abdissalam
Shaikh Abu Abdissalam was born in the central English town of ...
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  Mutahhir Sabree

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Yahya Alvi
A medical doctor with membership of Royal Colleges of London, ...
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  James Yee
In 2001, Captain James "Yusuf" Yee was commissioned as one...
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Dr. Abdul Aziz Abdur

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  Yusuf Chamber

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Ahmed Bukhatir
Ahmed Bukhatir is a name synonymous today with any lover of music,...
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  Zain Bhikha
Zain Bhikha is one of the most successful Islamic singers today
and has inspired fans the world over... Read More >